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Life Skills Classes

What We Do

Helping the families we serve not only succeed today but remain stable in their housing, financial capability and career paths tomorrow.


Life Skills brings families together!

Family Promise Rochester requires families to be consistently working towards jointly established goals for them to remain within our shelter program.  Upon successful completion of our program, Family Promise Rochester has the ability to move families into a permanent housing model while maintaining the case management, participation in Life Skills classes, mentoring and critical empowerment, which is vital to their on-going success.

Our Life skills classes are the core of the Family Promise family.  These classes bring families together with the shared experiences that only they have.  

Family Promise Rochester partners with Rochester Public Schools to provide families with Parent Educators and Early Childhood teachers during Life Skills classes. RPS Community Education teaches families everything from how children react to trauma to how best to parent their spirited child.  During the adult classes, children are engaged in age-appropriate learning activities.  

Life skills is also about bringing community members into the group and sharing different passions.  We often have guest speakers teach financial literacy, the importance of dental hygiene, public health topics, meditation and mindfulness, and so many others.  If you or anyone you know is interested in presenting your passion, or would like to volunteer, please contact Family Promise Rochester at 507-281-3122.

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